You Don’t Have to be a Knitting Expert to Learn How to Make a Baby Sock – Part 2

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You just need a few items to get started. It may sound like a lot but really it’s not much.

First, you need a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn. You will also need a pair of scissors and a darning needle.

If you don’t have a darning needle to begin with, it’s okay. You can eventually get one since you’ll need it for the end of your baby sock project.

Knitting Needles

What type of needles do you need in order to make a little sock?

While it doesn’t seem like a standard way to make socks, single-pointed knitted needles can be used. I prefer using bamboo or wooden double-pointed needles because I like the flexibility of getting accustomed to those. Then you also have the option of using circular knitting needles, which are needles that are joined together by a flexible cord.

What Size?

I have found that anywhere between a 4.0 mm to 2.75 mm double-pointed knitting needles make anywhere from a decent thick baby sock to finer “shoe sock” ones.

I plan to explain more of this later.

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