Baby Sock Knitting Tools – Clover Chibi Metal Straight Darning Needles Review


I have been using Clover Chibi Metal Darning Needles for the past five years or more. These Japan-made tools have been valuable in my knitting projects especially in making baby socks!

In the photo above, I am showing the straight darning needles. The curved darning needles (comes in a yellow case) are just as good and are great to use as well.


1. They are inexpensive.
2. The needles last for a long period of time.
3. The darning needles are sturdy and pleasant to use.
4. Clover designed a clear tube so that you can easily see what tools you have.
5. The container is easy to open.
6. The needles are blunt enough that they don’t hurt your hand when binding off socks, hats, fingerless gloves, or any knitting project where you’re sewing seams together as well.
7. The cap is easy to twist off.
8. The design of the darning needle container is knitter-friendly with soft edges and sides so that it doesn’t snag your yarn.
9. The needle set comes in three sizes and widths for various yarn weights and sizes.

Happy Baby Sock Knitting!

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