I am blessed to be married to my Sweetheart and to be the mother of our five sweet children (all under the age of eight). I love the Lord Jesus and His Holy Word especially the King James Version of the Bible. We love ministering to others as a family and glorifying the Lord together.

A Desire to Learn a New Craft

It all started back in 2003. I was a new mommy and had just started to learn how to sew with a sewing machine.

One of the sewing shops in our area also happened to have a wonderful assortment of yarns for knitting or crocheting. Not only did they carry knitting tools, patterns, and books but also offered free knitting guidance so long as you bought yarn from their store. I thought it was a great deal.

My First Knitting Lessons

I bought one skein of chunky yarn and a large set of wooden bamboo single pointed knitting needles. These were the only tools I started with in my knitting journey.

They taught me how to cast on stitches and how to knit the garter stitch. I was to do this on each row, turning to the other side each time. Because my yarn was so thick, ten stitches was wide enough for a simple scarf.

After knitting a few rows it was time to head back home. I was busy nursing my infant firstborn and tending to our home. My husband was also a busy flight student at the time and so this was one of my last visits to the knitting shop before we were sent to the opposite end of the country to live.

Where are Those Knitting Needles?

After my knitting needles and working yarn were packed away it probably wasn’t another two years before I found my materials again. By that time I had another precious child and went through two long distance moves including one overseas move halfway across the world. On top of all that busyness, I was also home alone for a majority of the time, homeschooling and nursing my little ones while my husband was deployed.

More coming as time allows 🙂

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