Jimmy Beans Wool Review — A Great Place to Buy Sock Yarn

Cascade Yarn 200 bought from Jimmy Beans Wool online yarn store
Phone camera photo of recent package of beautiful Cascade200 fingering weight sock yarns from Jimmy Beans Wool


I love supporting local yarn and knitting shops when possible. I also love finding great places online to shop from that have friendly service as well as quick shipping.

Recently I came across Jimmy Beans Wool online when I was searching for vibrant sock yarn colors for the Baby Sock Knitting book I’m working on writing now. I found some lovely colors of wool fingering weight yarn by Cascade Yarns called Cascade200. They’re beautiful!

I look forward to knitting with them and seeing how cute, functional, and warm they knit up into baby socks!

I took a few quick photos with our professional digital camera
in our limited lighting since it is night. I might upload those or retake some with the finished product using my favorite natural light choice for photography. My camera phone photos will have to do for now. 🙂

So far, I highly recommend buying yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool! These are the reasons why:

1. Shipping was extremely quick!

2. My products (including gift knitting needles for our daughter) arrived with sufficient padding and was not damaged.

3. Jimmy Beans Wool carries great quality items! I found different brands of bamboo needles I enjoy using as well.

4. My online shopping experience was quick and easy and their website interface makes for clear navigation and visibility. My husband and I design some websites using Adobe and this matters a lot. (Side note: In due time, we may transfer this website into an Adobe one as well but the other projects are taking precedence now.)

Note: I was not paid or asked to write this review. I found a great place to buy sock yarn online and wanted to share that with my daily readers. 🙂

Happy Baby Sock Knitting!

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