Does Yarn Weight Really Matter?

Picture comparison of knitting socks using different yarn weights
Camera phone photo comparison of knitting with two different yarn weights with sock yarn on the right

When I first started knitting, it took me a really long time to grasp the importance of different yarn weights.  What I was more focused on was the color and the feel of the yarn.  :-0

I wanted to know if any type of yarn could be knit up into a baby sock.  After knitting a few baby and toddler socks for our children I learned so many things that didn’t make sense before.

Though the picture above doesn’t show it extremely well, the sock yarn on the right is much much thinner, easier to work with, lighter, stretchier, and appropriately called sock yarn.  Sock yarn gives you approximately 7.5 inches using 3.5mm needles or less.

You can knit baby and toddler socks using worsted weight yarn but it will be thicker, knit up a little faster, and will require fewer stitches than sock yarn.


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