Photos of Hand Knit Baby Socks

I’ve missed the natural lighting here in our old Florida home compared to that of the Guam home we just moved from. Though we placed “daylight” bulbs throughout the house, it would sometimes cast a blue unhealthy hue to our faces. I don’t have a lot of time to go into Lightroom to “warm” up all our photos. I’ve found though that I’ve been so pleased by the most part with our new range-finder style digital camera, the Fujifilm Xpro1.

We’ve been shooting Fujifilm’s Xpro1 (especially me) for a few months now taking it on so many trips from Saipan, Guam, brief stop in Japan, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas in just the last few months! This range-finder style digital camera has been such a pleasure to work with!

We have all three lenses that Fuji released — the 35mm (wonderful!), 60mm, and 18mm.  So far those are the only lenses that Fuji has released for this new camera system.  The Xpro1 is lightweight especially when carrying diaper bags and caring for all our five precious young children!

Happy baby sock knitting!

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