You Don’t Have to be a Knitting Expert to Learn How to Make a Baby Sock – Part 1

Knitting Baby Socks  Beginners Series  You don t have to be a knitting expert to learn how to make a baby sock 1

Your Biggest Ticket to Your Success

I believe your motivation and enthusiastic drive to want to learn how to knit a pair of baby socks is key to your success. It’s one of the keys to do almost anything in life.

Having that drive has helped me to be self-motivated and able to accomplish much. It has helped me to knit a few cozy pairs of socks for my precious children (baby and toddlers) and for baby shower gifts.

Happy to Share

Knitting baby socks still doesn’t come easy to me but I am happy to share with others how this beginner knitter was able to do that. I think it’s a wonderful skill to learn. I believe it’s an especially helpful survival skill to learn if you are in you are or will be in your child bearing years and live in a cold region.

Different Methods for Different Beginners

I want to try to develop different ways that make it easy for just about anybody to learn how to knit baby socks. There will be beginners who have no knitting knowledge. That’s good! There will be some people who are experienced in knitting but not in baby sock construction. That’s wonderful too!

Franicia lettering with colored pencils

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